Tool Management

ProShop Tool Management Overview

  • ProShop’s comprehensive Tool Management is unmatched in manufacturing ERP systems. Store all of your tools with recommended holders as rotating tool assemblies directly inside of ProShop. Track and manage inventory levels, location, vendor preferences, purchase history, anticipated demand, and more!
  • Tooling in your shop has never been this organized!
Sample Tool Profile

Tool Inventory and LibraryManage All Shop Tooling, Holders, and Assemblies

  • Manage all the tooling in your shop with unique profiles for each tool. Quickly see rotating tool assemblies, tool specifications, associated certs and documentation, inventory levels, and physical locations of each tool throughout the shop floor.
  • Know what you have, what you need, and when you need it!

Native Tool Lists for Work Order OperationsIntegrate Intelligent Tool Lists

  • Tool lists are natively built into ProShop’s operation instructions. Rather than simply attaching a list of tooling in PDF format, select tooling from ProShop’s tool library. Determine availability of tooling based on scheduling.
  • Define OOH lengths and offsets for each rotating tool assembly and work center. Offset and G-Code files are queued in ProShop and sent to CNC machining centers during setup. Make sure you have the right offsets and the latest programs every time!
  • Ask us about how Kairos can integrate ProShop with third party DNC networks to create automated program control systems.
ProShop Setup Tool List

Demand Anticipation and PurchasingAutomated Purchasing Queue

  • ProShop automatically tracks inventory levels for every tool in your shop, monitors consumption rates, and anticipates demand for upcoming work orders. Demand is automatically queued in the purchasing dashboard so that all required tooling is ready to purchase with a few simple clicks!
  • Define vendor preferences, pricing, and detailed purchase history for each tool profile. Define minimum order quantities, minimum stock quantities, and lead times for each vendor to make sure that your production never slows down!

IntegrationsMastercam and Tool Crib Vending Machines

  • ProShop is the only ERP system partner of Mastercam. Export tool profiles and data directly to Mastercam to ensure programmers are using the most up to date and available tooling.
  • ProShop is also able to be integrated with just about any tool vending machine brand. This provides a powerful combination of the tool vending machines’ automated inventory management and ProShop’s demand anticipation to create a fully automated tool management experience!