Shop Employee Workflow

Shop Employee Workflow Overview

  • ProShop’s paperless design will save your company time by providing shop floor employees with digital work instructions, routings, tool lists, setup sheets, G-Code files, and much more. All of this is digitally, and natively stored inside of ProShop and directly related to associated work orders.
  • ProShop provides each user a personalized experience. Login to ProShop, clock-in for the day, see work order statuses in your queue, view any notes left by the previous shift, and much more.
  • Stop wasting time managing uncontrolled paper documents which only provide limited information. Start using ProShop to easily track and manage the work flow in your shop and produce more parts!
Work Order ProShop ERP

Digital TravelersAll Work Order and Operation Data in Digital Format!

  • Problem: Working with paper travelers is time consuming and annoying. Printing out routing packets, collecting signatures, dispatching them to the floor, and hoping nothing changes, otherwise you must do it all over again. This all requires lots of tedious, repetitive labor.
  • Solution: ProShop’s paperless design means you never have to print another traveler or setup sheet again, unless you really want to. Once a work order is released to the floor, it is immediately available to the shop floor users and added to their schedule or queue. Current status of work orders is available to any user in the system with appropriate permissions.

Native Work InstructionsSetup Sheets, Run Instructions, Tool Lists, and more…

  • Problem: Setup sheets, work instructions, and tool lists are usually associated with paper travelers in manually arranged packets. These are usually issued and maintained from systems outside of your ERP. Keeping track of revisions on the floor can be a huge hassle and creates a higher chance of quality issues.
  • Solution: In ProShop, work instructions are natively associated with each operation, along with drawings, tool lists, and much more. Shop floor personnel have direct access to everything they need relative to the work order they are running or setting up. Revision changes are automatically tracked and managed, while archived revisions are available to users with permission to access them for reference and analysis.
Digital Setup Instructions ProShop ERP

Tools for Continuous ImprovementSubmit Feedback and Revise Targets

  • Problem: Targets, plans, and instructions need to be improved over time as information is gathered and better approaches are identified from the shop floor. But how do you collect that feedback from the floor in order to adjust the plans, targets, and instructions? How do you track the changes over time and show that you are actually becoming more productive and efficient?
  • Solution: ProShop allows shop workers to offer any suggestions for continuous improvement. Submit feedback to planners, leave critical work flow notes for next shift, update time targets, revise work instructions, submit process development cases which will require review and solutions. All of this is at the fingertips of every shop floor employee, allowing for an unprecedented level of process improvement. Plan better, produce more, and get paid!