Kairos ServicesHelping You Grow Your Business with ProShop


Transform your manufacturing facility in just 12 weeks! Kairos works with companies to ensure a seamless migration to ProShop. We help companies smoothly transition out of their legacy ERP or Excel based operations, stress free. You’ll feel like you work in a whole new company!


After implementation, you’re going to have questions from time to time. We’re here so you can focus on the stuff that matters rather than silly software issues. Reach out to Kairos anytime via phone, email, or our website. You won’t need help often, but we’re here when you do!


Proficiency in any software takes time. We’re here to help with comprehensive, hands-on training for ProShop. We come to you, work with your parts, your workflow, in your environment. We don’t waste time with demos. We help you maximize ProShop’s value directly!

Implementing ProShop ERPTransform Your Company!

Congratulations! You just signed on board with ProShop and are ready to get started. Kairos is going to be with you every step of the way. We work with you to identify your goals as a business and how ProShop can help you achieve them. We handle the initial configuration, data migration, and training to ensure that you have a successful launch with ProShop.

Let’s do this!


During implementation, we work with you to setup all of your configuration preferences within ProShop. We setup users, roles, organizational structures, permissions, reports, and more. ProShop’s flexibility allows us to configure the system to your organization and work flow. We’re here for your success!

Data Migration

Data migration is a major component of any ERP role out and we’re here to take away all the stress involved. We work with you through each step of identifying mission critical data for your business and migrating it to ProShop. It doesn’t matter what ERP system you’re coming from, or if ProShop is your first. We have you covered!


Training is the most critical step in any ERP implementation. Kairos works with you to develop a training strategy that will ensure everyone in your organization is comfortable with ProShop quickly and efficiently. Our combination of video, online, and onsite trainings ensure you’re prepared for anything the manufacturing industry can throw at you!

SupportAlways On, Always Running!

  • Following initial implementation, active maintenance customers can call, email, text, or raise smoke signals (well maybe) to reach out to us with questions about their ProShop install.
  • For simple questions, we can answer over the phone or via email. If it’s a little more complicated or you need a visual walk through, we can jump on a remote session online.
  • With Kairos, you’re getting easy, fast, and quality support.

       Call for help right away.


       Email for non-critical questions.


       Share your screen with us for fast and easy online support!

Onsite TrainingPost Implementation

Although essential trainings are built into our ProShop implementation plans, customers can also request advanced training sessions. Once you’ve had time to adjust to ProShop and are looking to dive deeper into the system’s more complex modules, we can schedule onsite training to make sure you’re getting the best value and experience with ProShop.


Onsite trainings can be scheduled in 1, 2, or 3 day blocks.


Contact us to schedule your next onsite training session!