ProShop Scheduling

  • ProShop’s scheduler is unparalleled in ease of use! With intuitive colors, a variety of visual job status indicators, and simple but powerful controls, you’ll wish you were using ProShop years ago!
  • In ProShop, jobs are always scheduled in a finite capacity. You can schedule forward from the last job or backward from the ship date depending on your shop’s preference.
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Always Finite SchedulingNever stack jobs by accident

Jobs in ProShop will never overlap on a single resource. It can’t happen in the real world so why would it happen in your scheduling software? Finite capacity scheduling allows you to forecast more accurately and easily determine real backlogs on all your resources. When a customer asks for a delivery date, you’ll be able to quickly provide a highly accurate response based on a realistic model of your shop in ProShop’s scheduler.

Easy to AdjustOptimal On-Time Delivery!

  • Moving jobs around in ProShop is super easy! If a job is currently running behind, you can add overtime, additional shifts, split the order to run on another machine, and more.
  • The best part? Your changes are visible in real time for everyone in the company. The employees responsible for that job will automatically see their working queues and personal schedules updated with your changes. Course correction has never been this simple!

Forward or BackwardSchedule the way you want to!

  • ProShop gives you the option to schedule work orders with a forward or backward methodology.
  • Forward scheduling adds new operations to the end of the actively scheduled work for each resource without overlapping jobs.
  • Backward scheduling considers the “must leave by date” of newly released work orders and schedules operations in time for delivery. This gives you a great visual for real capacity in your shop and minimizes on-hand inventory levels.

Color Coded for Visual ProgressInsights at a glance!

ProShop’s scheduler is intuitively color coded to provide visual queues for key information. Is a job going to be late, on time, or getting close to being late? Have all the pre-process steps been completed for this job to run? These color coded visuals automatically update as work is completed within ProShop so the schedule is accurate every time you reference it!