Quality Management

ProShop Quality Management Overview

ProShop has a full quality management system to help you manufacture with excellence. Why use a third party, isolated quality system that can’t talk with your ERP? With ProShop you can drastically reduce time spent managing your quality documentation, inspecting parts, and creating continuous improvement initiatives to help make sure you learn from mistakes and grow your business.

Quality Management Procedures

Standards and DocumentationISO:9001 and AS:9100

  • If you are certified under the ISO:9001 or AS:9100 standards, you can’t afford to not use ProShop to manage your shop. ProShop natively stores all your quality standards and documentation and interlinks them for referencing within your procedures, organizational policies, tasks, and trainings.
  • Stop wasting time with clunky file/folder structures on a network drive and submitting paper documents for revision approvals. It’s time for paperless quality management!

Organizational Structure and PoliciesRoles and Responsibilities

Do your shop workers have access to company policies and procedures? Are they easy to access and navigate? ProShop stores your company hierarchy, let’s you define profiles for roles and responsibilities, as well as training requirements of each position. Manage all of this and more as you build a world class organization!

ERP Company Org Chart

First Article and In-Process InspectionPaperless Quality Management

  • Having trouble tracking and preventing quality issues on the shop floor? Employees can perform First Article Inspections (FAI’s) and In-Process Checks (IPC’s) on the shop floor or in quality control, all directly inside ProShop.
  • Establish dimensional checks and road maps for each part number or work order. Directly input data and receive immediate feedback on whether the dimension is within tolerance.

Continuous Improvement MeasuresNCR, dispositions, CAR, and PAR

Manage scrap with intention and ensure it’s reduced over time. Easily create Non-Conformance Reports, disposition scrap, generate Corrective Action Requests and Preventative Action Requests, all with just a few simple clicks.

Quality ReportsIdentify Specific Areas of Improvement

Stop just talking about solving problems and actually improve your work flow and processes. Digitally collected NCR’s, CAR’s, and PAR’s allow you easily generate company wide quality reports. Determine the most frequent causes of scrap generation, implement improvement initiatives, and track the results of your initiatives, all within one single platform, ProShop!