ProShop Product Overview

  • ProShop is a full manufacturing management software including ERP, MES, QMS, and Tool Management. It is 100% web based (hosted either on premise or in the cloud), and 100% paperless.
  • ProShop innately and adeptly handles a wide variety of manufacturing processes outside of your typical ERP functionality. Some of these processes include quality management, recursive maintenance management, tool management, scheduling, purchasing, inventory, and even internal messaging. Before ProShop, these functions were typically supported by several software packages with poor integration between them.
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Total Control

ProShop lets you manage every step in the manufacturing process. All the way from estimating to shipping and everything in between. One system for managing every department. ProShop brings ERP beyond the front office into the shop floor and beyond, giving you total control and insight into every aspect of your business!

ProShop Features

  • 100% paperless ERP that reduces the amount of uncontrolled documentation, which is constantly at risk of being out-of-date. This allows users to maintain live, up-to-date information for work instructions, job completion status, shipping and receiving status, and more.
  • A fully browser-based system that allows users to access ProShop through any PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, including fully customizable user permissions and security that keeps your data safe.
  • The internal messaging system allows users to request and submit quick solutions from co-workers and stay on-task without the hassle of emails and IT maintenance.
  • Integrated training and quality modules allows organizations to build road maps for every position within the company to reduce on-boarding time for new employees and ensure consistency and quality in every department.

Built for Function


  • Built specifically for manufacturing, with its roots in aerospace, ProShop is fully compliant with ISO and AS certification standards and requirements.
  • ProShop covers a broad level of manufacturing functions which have historically required the use of multiple systems to manage.
  • Throughout the entire system, ProShop tightly integrates task management, documentation and revision control, training, organizational requirements, procedures, process flow definitions, and work instructions. Continuous Improvement should always be a priority for manufacturers pursuing excellence.

Built for Value


  • ProShop is built to bring the highest level of value to a manufacturing environment and their needs to manage process and productivity.
  • ProShop’s web based and paperless design reduces IT management and simplifies deployment across PC’s, laptops, and mobile devices.
  • ProShop is user-friendly. Intuitive interfaces offer a pleasant balance between readily available and cleanly organized information on each page. Access information with as few clicks as possible. Users spend less time digging through sub-menus and more time checking off items on their task lists!
  • ProShop modules expand across almost every aspect of manufacturing. These modules have been tightly integrated to create a seamless, uninterrupted workflow. With all your information in one space, users are able to stay focused on the task at hand without jumping between systems or digging through paperwork.

Packaging and Pricing Model

Kairos is committed to delivering the highest quality consultation, integration, and training services to every customer. Kairos offers flexible pricing and packaging options for companies purchasing ProShop. Customers can buy ProShop as a onetime purchase or as an annual subscription. Customers also have the choice of hosting either on local servers or in the cloud using servers managed by Adion Systems.

Subscription Cloud

ProShop is hosted on cloud servers managed by Adion Systems. Billed annually.

Subscription On-premise

ProShop is hosted on locally on customer’s server. Billed annually.

Purchase On-premise

ProShop is hosted locally on customer’s server. System is purchased via onetime fee.