Estimating and Planning

Estimating and PlanningRFQ to Quote to Order in Record Time!

Are you a machine shop looking for an easier way to estimate jobs? ProShop makes estimating simple, fast, and accurate. Whether you’re looking for detailed cost analysis, or a quick and simple way to get a quote out to a customer, ProShop’s flexibility gives users the power to decide how they want to work. You shouldn’t have to build your process around your ERP system. Let ProShop adapt to your needs and work flow.

Estimating and PlanningKey Value



Whether you need to get a rough overview for a quick quote, or if you need to estimate a detailed cost analysis for a large contract, ProShop is designed for cost accounting in real-world machine shops. Account for each step from planning to shipping, materials, overhead, labor rates, and much more.



Are you a high-mix shop looking for an easy way to generate estimates? ProShop let’s you create estimate templates so you can turn around quotes in record time. Build a few templates that cover the majority of your order profiles and wow your customers with fast turn around times!



Build outside processes into your estimates. Include supplier, scope of work, payment terms, and more for each outside process. ProShop even factors in lead and shipping times for each of your suppliers so your shop schedule stays accurate and you don’t have to guess about when parts will ship.



ProShop lets you define all of your raw materials and out of pocket expenses for individual parts and BOMs. Check inventory levels, manage preferred vendors, pricing, lead times, etc. Keep track of material certs, PO’s, when product was ordered, shipped, and received. Make sure you’re never waiting around for material that’s already in your shop!



Estimating accurate delivery targets can be a challenge for dynamic manufacturing environments. ProShop solves this by accounting for every step in the manufacturing process. Material ordering and delivery times, outside processing and shipping lead times, as well as allowing users to define “Must Ship By” and “Customer Due” dates. Make realistic commitments to your customers and keep them with ProShop!



Time targets are the key to driving shop floor behavior. Make sure shop workers are motivated to hit achievable, competitive targets and constantly improve upon them. ProShop has a variety of time targets that can be defined for operational steps to help manufacturers establish a realistic schedule, while providing flexible options for quoting customers at the same time!

Rapid Quoting

Following an estimate, ProShop automatically generates quotes with one click. Users have the option to display non-recurring costs as NRE charges as a single line item, or to build the NRE charges into the unit price of the products on the quote. Simple!

Default terms and conditions are automatically applied to new quotes and can be configured individually if necessary. ProShop is all about reducing repetitive manual work so that you can be as efficient as possible.

Customer PO’s

Once you win that new order with your great new quotes from ProShop, you can quickly launch a customer PO. Track customer requirements like FAIR’s, delivery dates, and pricing. Automatically launch new work orders for each line item. Make sure everyone is on the same page with the current status of a PO through ProShop’s paperless work environment.

Customer Profiles

Part of providing great customer service is knowing your customer and their needs. ProShop lets you track all of your customer information including locations, contact info and roles, quality and process requirements, preferences, order history, and much more. ProShop will make sure each of your customers feel like they are your favorite customer!