Equipment Maintenance Management

ProShop Equipment Maintenance Management

ProShop’s equipment module is a full equipment maintenance management tool for tracking assets and their requirements. Track all machinery from manual or CNC machines to fork lifts, inspection equipment, IT hardware such as computers and networking gear, even tables or work benches. Track all your measurement equipment, calibration requirements, and certs. Store all your equipment profiles in ProShop and let the system manage everything from there!

Recursive Maintenance

  • Most assets have recursive and preventative maintenance requirements which are highly important but can be difficult to manage and stay on top of. ProShop helps manufacturers define and manage all of their maintenance requirements for every piece of equipment in their company.
  • Define maintenance tasks, instructions on proper performance, responsibilities, and how often they should occur. ProShop keeps track of maintenance history for every activity on every piece of equipment in the company.
  • Your auditors will love you using ProShop!

Calibration Management

ProShop helps companies manage calibration requirements for inspection equipment and machinery. Similar to recursive maintenance activities, users can define calibration tasks for each asset, instructions for proper performance, responsibilities, and how often the calibrations are required to be performed. Your calibration history and certifications are all stored with each associated equipment profile in ProShop.

Alerts and Responsibilities

Because roles and responsibilities are established for equipment maintenance and calibration requirements, users are automatically alerted when a scheduled activity is near. Help your maintenance and quality teams stay on track and proactive with preventative maintenance, equipment upkeep, and calibration.

Reports and Dashboards

  • ProShop has a variety of customer reports for the equipment module. For example, users can keep track of maintenance or calibration requirements which are due this week or late for any equipment grouping (Manufacturing Equipment Late or due this week, Inspection Equipment Late or due this week, etc…)
  • ProShop is all about insight and knowing what’s going on in your facility. Make sure you’re never surprised again!