About Kairos

Who We Are

Kairos Manufacturing Solutions is a technology reseller working with industrial manufacturers. We specialize in working with machining based companies with high quality requirements such as ISO 9001, AS9100, or ISO 13485. Kairos’ products serve these companies by helping them manage their complex manufacturing processes with unprecedented efficiency.


Kairos is the New England Reseller for ProShop. A revolutionary manufacturing management software that combines ERP, MES, QMS, and Tool Management in a powerfully integrated design, both comprehensive and user friendly. It is 100% paperless and 100% web based (hosted either on-premise or in the cloud, customer preference). ProShop was developed by an aerospace job shop over 17 yrs before becoming a software company. That means ProShop was built by manufacturers, for manufacturers, and has proven to generate rapid ROI and long-term value.


Inspection Manager

Kairos has also partnered with HighQA as their US partner for distributing and implementing their Inspection Manager product. A truly unique, paperless, quality management system (QMS). Inspection Manager gives companies the power to Auto Balloon Drawings and generate First Article Inspection (FAI) plans in 1 Click. This highly automated solution provides massive time savings throughout each step of the manufacturing process by simplifying and integrating quality control throughout.


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Company Meeting Using ERP System

Our Vision

Long term goals and Values
To help manufacturing environments build healthy business cultures which add value to the lives of employees, both at work and at home, increase profitability of the organization, and ultimately boost local, regional, and national economies for the betterment of general society.
Kairos helps manufacturing organizations to drive toward working smarter, not harder, to create environments with reduced stress, and increased joy and energy. People can look forward to coming to work every day and feel a sense of personal value and purpose.


How ProShop is helping achieve the vision 
To deliver best in class technology solutions that make manufacturers more organized, productive, profitable, and fun to work for.

How do Kairos products work towards the greater vision of Kairos?

Kairos works with cutting edge technologies in existing and upcoming markets. Both ProShop and Inspection Manager were highly reviewed before being brought into the Kairos product offering. What stood out with both companies was that their customers were highly enthusiastic about the products and reported significant value metrics that surpassed anything else seen in their respective markets. Kairos works with those who are delivering tangible impact and measurable value. Both ProShop and Inspection Manager do just that.


Kairos is a proud, value added partner of Adion Systems, the creators of ProShop, and HighQA, the creators of Inspection Manager. For more information about Adion, HighQA, and their company histories, visit their respective websites.





About Kairos

Meaning behind Kairos
Kairos is the concept of brief, opportunistic moments which require action or decision to leverage and derive value from. Manufacturing environments are full of “Kairos moments” within daily operations. Current business systems can make these moments difficult to identify, which in turn make them impossible to leverage. It is the intent of Kairos to provide solutions, consultation, and services to manufacturing organizations in order to maximize value stream productivity and profitability while reducing costs and stress. This concept, in turn, drives manufacturers toward the long-term vision held by Kairos.