Manufacturing ERP has never been like this!

ProShop is a refreshing approach to manufacturing ERP. Manufacturing management software has never been this integrated, intuitive, or available. Designed and built over a 15+ year period on shop floors, ProShop is impressively relevant for small to medium size manufacturing environments.

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ProShop offers a broad set of tightly integrated modules that unifies each department. Communicate more effectively and get work done faster!



ProShop’s browser based interface delivers seamless and intuitive navigation through the system. Enjoy working with your ERP system!



ProShop is 100% paperless. Available for any PC, laptop, or mobile device in your shop. Always have the latest revision and work order status!

Modules and Features

Modules And Features

Why ProShop?

ProShop is a full manufacturing management software including ERP, MES, QMS, and Tool Management. It is 100% web based (hosted either on premise or in the cloud), and 100% paperless.

ProShop innately and adeptly handles a wide variety of manufacturing processes outside of your typical ERP functionality. Some of these processes include quality management, recursive maintenance management, tool management, scheduling, purchasing, inventory, and even internal messaging. Before ProShop, these functions were typically supported by several software packages with poor to moderate integration between them.

Let’s synchronize your shop!
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Simplify your Migration

From Legacy

  • Currently using a legacy ERP system with a clunky interface that just doesn’t seem to be suited for manufacturing?
  • Currently using Excel or homegrown databases to manage workflow? Are you growing and looking for the next step in managing your business?

To Modern

  • Kairos will help organize, prepare, and migrate your existing ERP data and develop a transition plan for your company including work flow customizations and personnel training.
  • Only use the ProShop features and modules you need at first to meet the needs of your current process. ProShop’s more in depth features will be there as you grow and develop new requirements.

Why Kairos?

Experienced Consultation and Support

Kairos Manufacturing Solutions was founded to help manufacturing environments build healthy, sustainable business cultures that add value to the lives of employees, both at work and at home. Kairos personnel are experienced in using technology to increase productivity and your bottom line. They are skilled in assessment and comprehension of manufacturing business practices unique to your company. Kairos will help bring your shop to the next level of manufacturing excellence.

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Packaging and Pricing Models

Subscription Cloud

ProShop is hosted on cloud servers managed by Adion Systems. Billed annually.

Subscription On-premise

ProShop is hosted locally on customer’s server. Billed annually.

Purchase On-premise

ProShop is hosted locally on customer’s server. System is purchased via onetime fee.